NB There is no real money involved in the Competition, it is purely an exercise in stock picking.

1.  There will be one competition, a portfolio of stocks of any value to a total value of $10,000.
2.   Each $10,000 portfolio to consist of between one and five stocks, values in round $1,000.
      (all I need to know is the dollar value for each stock - GD)
3.   Any stock listed on the ASX 200 will be accepted
4.   It is OK to “buy” and “sell” during the competition period, by advice to Gordon Davies - no limit on number of changes
5.   OK to go to cash - up to twice in the competition period, if desired.
6.  Weekly updates of portfolio values will be provided.         
In this 2017 Competition dividends will be included in the total gain over the Competition period
8.   The competition will commence on Monday 10 April 2017 (values at close of trade on that day) and close at the end of trading on
      Friday 1 December 2017
9.   There is an entry fee of $5 per person per portfolio, payable to Ian Howden or Graeme Jessep, to cover prizes.
10.  All entries to be lodged with Gordon Davies at before close of trade on Monday 10 April 2017.
11.  It will be OK to “hold in cash” at the commencement of the competition if you believe that the market is heading down,
       as long as you notify Gordon before the commencement date. Shares “purchased”  subsequently will be priced as at close of
       trade on the date the “purchase” advice emailed.

For further information contact Gordon Davies on 0417 695 647 or

NB The Investsmart web site can cope with cash and any cash holdings will be shown

                                                                  All welcome to try their lucka